Delivery Notice

Change of Delivery Information

Please contact us at least 2 working days before the scheduled delivery by WhatsApp


Failure of Delivery

If we are unable to contact the recipients / the recipients refuse to sign for receipt / the delivery information is incorrect,

Residential address: we will pass the product to the management office / leave the flower outside the address.

Commercial or office address: we will pass the product to the reception of other colleagues for relaying

Delivery address is incorrect: the flower will be returned to our workshop.



(1) The product will be returned to our workshop if the delivery is not successful with the above alternatives.

(2) Rearrangement fee and additional transportation cost will be charged to the Customers. 

(3) For products with fresh flowers, the new delivery date / pick up day can only be the day after the original delivery date.

(4) Refund and rearrangement on the products will not be applied.